“A door can open both ways”

It was only a matter of time until an accident of this proportion would happen. The Mages were always a bit careless with their experiments, but not even they would know which dark powers were gleaming over our world.

There was theory from a hundred years ago, right before the gates started to open, that with each spell we cast, with each conjuration we do, each time we weaken the fabric of our world even more.

That’s when we started seeing more of these creatures enter our realm. What we thought at first was just a guild of mages summoning them, turned out be a more nefarious plot.

The other domain, is a vile place of demonic creation. All of it’s stars are gone, the world itself spinning in darkness, all of it consumed by these creatures that are now trying to build a bridge into our world.

In our foolishness, we thought we were immortals, we thought we were gods and so we set to cure the world with our magic. But in our foolishness, we invited death into our homes. I will continue to close the gates one by one and I will not stop until they are all gone and our world is healed.

I will stay to protect the people from our mistakes, from our many mistakes.