Burn your enemies to a crisp!

Fire spells are incredibly useful damage dealing abilities that combine a high damage output with a very low cooldown between uses.

Made available from the start, they represent a very capable tool in hands of a new players, and an unstoppable force when this magic is wielded by a veteran.

Firebolt and Fireball allows the Spirit Hunter to deal extreme searing damage to the toughest enemies while Bonfire and Firebreath allow him to take advantage of his surroundings.

...or poison them!

Collected from the glands of corrupted spiders, our poisonous spells can lay waste to an entire army in one fell swoop. Destroying the enemies from within their own body, caution must be advised when using such potent magic.

Poison spells are efficient, but some enemies have a natural resistance to them. Be sure to have available other spells as well.

Bash them until you win!

Where fire spells lack clear high damage abilities, melee spells such as Ballista and Smash can take out large enemies with relative ease. As a trade off they have long cooldowns and are more rare to find out in the wild.

Melee spells don't lack utility either. With Cleave providing Spirit Hunters with a good tool when it comes to clearing a large group of enemies in his close proximity, Lightning gives a very useful and much needed area of effect stun.

Probably the most versatile spell group, having a full melee card deck is definitely not out of question.


As you travel through the world and complete quests or clear new areas, you will receive more spells to play with from the locals or fellow Hunters.

Be careful though, the world is full of dangers, and some enemies are already developing immunities to some of your arsenal, watch out for those guys, they are very dangerous!