It's all about the games

We’re passionate about games and create rich, immersive experiences which players can enjoy for years. Our games are characterized by a rich visual style and memorable characters with strong personalities and traits players can relate to.

Perfected for touch

We develop games for mobile devices, both tablets and phones, so they can be played anywhere and anytime. Players can enjoy short sessions when waiting for a cup of coffee to brew, or longer and deeper sessions when they have more time to spend. The experience is always perfected for touch.

Handcrafted for the community

Our players are at the centre of our attention. Always. We believe that the best experiences are shared and happen when friends or strangers co-operate or compete in the games. We take care of our players outside of the games too, engage with them in our communities and provide world-class support.


Outplay your enemies in real-time multiplayer!

Level up your Super Soldiers, use their skills and fight on a virtual battlefield, all in real time! Challenge new opponents and yourself in each battle as you try to take the top leaderboard spot or band together in a guild and dominate the ladder. Your choice. Your game. Your victory!

  • 1


    Get your hearth pumping by inching a close win against your foes. Smash their dreams to pieces and leave nothing behind except the Victory screen.

  • 2


    Battle against other players in a real time battle arena and inch your way to glory! Create new strategies to counter your foes and be the first one to deal the death blow.

  • 3


    Customize your roster with over 40 collectible soldiers, each one with it's own set of abilities, strategies and perks. Create the ultimate team and climb up the ranks to being the best!

Battle the horde of demons!

Work your way through several regions, including a frozen wasteland, eerie forest and a lava area. Each region has its own set of themed enemies with their own stats and immunities, challenging the player to ultimately build a powerful enough card deck to handle the onslaught of enemies.

  • 1


    Collect, craft and upgrade powerful spells to help you hunt down the fiercest of spirits! Take down ferocious mace wielding giants or put an end to the horde of demonic spiderlings.

  • 2


    You can level up your hero, discover new pieces of equipment or infuse your spells with stronger magic! Brave yourself through the toughest challenges and always come on top!

  • 3


    Play daily and enjoy hundreds of quests that guide you on your adventures! Discover the entire world and everything it has to offer to those brave enough to tame it.

Run, Jump, Fly or even Ride the Llama!

Monsu reinvents the platformer experience with collectible cards that span new characters, unique powers and traits that help the main character tackle endless waves of thieving villagers. The game features rich and polished visuals and easy tap controls to provide an immersive experience for a wide audience.

  • 1


    Protect your valuable treasure from the villagers thieving hands and honor your family's pledge to the powerful and wise wizard Velho.

  • 2


    Meet throughout your journey with Double Dragon, smash villagers with Dinoshi and ride your way through obstacles with the Mighty Mammoth.

  • 3


    Collect dozens of unique, epic and rare companion cards. Evolve your cards and access Legendary and Ultimate cards like Puff, Monfire and Rhoomba!

The Team

Hi! Moi! Bonjour! Salut! This is Boomlagoon

Based in the world mobile gaming capital Helsinki, Finland, our team consists of game industry veterans from companies like Rovio, Digital Chocolate, Housemarque and Recoil. We’re down to earth, take pride in what we do and are brave to try new things.

We’re backed by some of the best investors in the industry including Jari Ovaskainen, London Venture Partners, Northzone, Inventure and 360 Capital Partners.

  • Antti Stén

    Founder - Chief Executive Officer

  • Ilkka Halila

    Founder - Chief Technology Officer

  • Olli Laesvirta

    Chief Product Officer

  • Sami Koponen

    Executive Producer

  • Sami Husso

    Game Programmer

  • Antoine Vrablec

    Lead Game Artist

  • Kalle Soiha

    Senior Game Programmer

  • Janne Kopponen

    Game Designer

  • Marion Bricaud


  • Alex Manta

    Community Manager

  • Antti Jaakkola

    Senior Game Programmer

  • Sampo Ranta-aho

    Senior Game Programmer

  • Megan Egglesden

    Game Artist

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