Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Boomlagoon creates
the best and most memorable mobile games in the world.

Antti Stén, CEO

Antti has a 10-year long history in game development startups, namely Digital Chocolate and Rovio. His experience covers various technologies and business development in rapidly growing companies.

Tuomas Erikoinen, CCO

Most known for creating all the original Angry Birds art, Tuomas is an enthusiast with plenty of knowledge in many fields of game development. At Boomlagoon he's responsible for design, audio and art as well as the company's overall look.

Ilkka Halila, CTO

With a strong background in indie game development and experience as the main HTML5 developer at Rovio, Ilkka is a well-rounded developer with diverse skills. As CTO of Boomlagoon his responsibilities include programming, tool development and build automation.

Mikko Alaluusua, VP Engineering

Mikko has proven talent and motivation for both game and technology programming, bringing in-depth knowledge of modern techniques used in real-time graphics applications.

Arttu Mäki, VP Design

With knowledge from AAA Console/PC to Mobile development and experience from known developers such as Rovio, Valve and Recoil, Arttu brings valuable design knowledge to Boomlagoon's lineup of professionals.

Sami Husso, Game Programmer

Still new to the industry but no doubt a growing hardcore game developer with good insight on game design.



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